Sarah Jinner and the wild world of 17th century advice

Sarah Jinner’s 1658 almanac.

Henrietta Vansittart changes the course of ship propulsion

Henrietta Vansittart portrait: examining a scale model of a ship and its Lowe-Vansittart propeller.

Elizabeth Fulhame discovers catalysis and plants the seeds of photography

Roger Arliner Young, the first Black woman zoologist

The tenacious life of Dr. Mary Edwards Walker

The daughter of a slave leaves her mark on cancer research

May Edward Chinn at Teachers College, 1917. Courtesy George B. Davis, Ph.D. Photograph by E. F. Foley, N. Y.

Old painting of a witch being tortured
Old painting of a witch being tortured

The sounds of our most diverse ecosystems are going silent

Zuzana Burivalova records data in a gardening zone in Papua New Guinea. Photo: Justine E. Hausheer/TNC

Maternal martyrdom is programmed in at the cellular level.

// MIke Kline

Image credit: Ksenia Makagonova / Unsplash

Olivia Campbell

Journalist & author on women, science, history, arts. Bylines: The Cut, Aeon, Smithsonian, Guardian, SciAm, WaPo. WOMEN IN WHITE COATS 2021 from HarperCollins.

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